If you're feeling the call to join me on this journey and take your life to a new level, I'm ready to guide you. Here's a step-by-step process to make it easy to understand how I begin working with clients. 

the process to begin


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Each individual I work with will be given different suggestions for working together in terms of frequency. Everyone has unique needs and beginning at different stages on their journey. I look forward to scheduling your session slots and supporting you on your journey! 

scheduling your sessions


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 It’s unusual that a person would be complete after one session, that’s why I package 1:1 sessions to receive the full benefits this work has to offer. I do allow to pay as you go if you're ready to begin. Choosing the right package for you can be discussed in the initial intake session. All pricing is listed here so you can see what options you have for the investment of this potent and life changing work. 

investing in the work


show me more information

Until you learn a new way you believe it's the only way; meaning how you are currently operating and managing your challenges. For this reason we start with an initial consultation on Zoom to understand your current perceptions of reality and what you are ready for. You'll answer reflection questions which reveals your own blind spots. This supports with taking abstract ideas into actionable steps. At the end of our consultation you'll have a customized plan to help you move past your sticking points. Recommended sessions and trainings are given if we are a good fit and the cost of this session can be applied towards a package you'd like to invest in.

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