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How can you quantify work that pertains to the subtle layers, the things you cannot see in plain sight? What can you expect when you start to use these outside the box tools? Real clients share their experiences of working with me, sessions, trainings and the process. 



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releasing anxiety's grip

I started working with Emily when I was in the midst of many life transitions including a divorce and quitting drinking. I was not feeling very peaceful internally, still dealing with a lot of residual anxiety swirling through my mind and body. I felt my anxiety in a very physical way. Heart beating fast, a tightening in the chest, not being able to breathe... I started working with Emily because I wanted to be able to leave behind that anxiety. That is the main improvement I sensed when working with her. I felt a shift to a place where I ceased to feel the physical manifestations of anxiety. It was such a gift, so noticable, and still with me today. Of course I still get a little stressed or anxious, who doesn't in 2020? But it is a much more subtle and manageable feeling than it used to be and it passes through me much faster. Working with Emily gave me the gift of increased inner peace and I am so thankful for that.

Carol Mossa

I arrived for my first EnSofic Ray session just 10 days after returning from a 30-day cross country road trip. Prior to the session, I was aware of some energy leaks and imbalances which I anticipated as returning to my "former" life was challenging. After the session with Emily, I felt more connected with my authentic self, better balanced, and energized. 

yoga teacher 

Melissa M. 

Things definitely seem to have opened up for me since working with Emily. I wasn’t sure what to expect going into it, but the results speak for themselves. Within 3 days after Life Activation, I had three different job opportunities come my way, practically out of thin air. Since then, I have had much clearer career goals and more connected to myself, as well as be able to relate to others on a deeper level. Emily is a gifted healer and beautiful soul and will make you feel very comfortable and help you to get the most out of this unique experience. 

nurse & Yoga Teacher 


My experience of energy work was limited to one reiki session which felt good, but I wasn't sure if I really felt it. Because of my past experience with reiki, I wasn't sure what to expect, but I went into it with an open heart. During the Life Activation session I could feel my energy vibrating in my body. I could feel things shifting and energy releasing. The experience was real and palpable. After working with Emily my body feels lighter and my interactions with others feel more real. The process of shifting my own energy has allowed me to really connect with people and to truly see them without the filter of my own thoughts. Life Activation opened up my own abilities and helped to ground and focus my energy so that teaching no longer feels like a challenge. There is no more forcing the words out or trying to make people laugh. There is truth, connection and love in every word and breath. I can feel it and my students can feel it too! This healing work brought through by Emily totally changed my life and my yoga teaching and now I can have a greater impact on my students lives!

authentic expression

Pim Schachtschabel

Emily is a catalyst for change. She is directed by her own gift and helps you feel more aligned and more connected to your life path. Emily combines her wisdom with a good dose of playfulness.


Jessica karr

Emily has an incredible amount of information she's able to see about a person (even just the first time I met her), and she's able to turn this into actionable insights to improve lives. I could feel a shift in myself after my first Life Activation - less anxiety, more clarity, more direction. I decided to dive into Empower Thyself, and learned daily tools that have grounded me and better connected me with spirit. The depths of the Mystery School are vast, and Emily is a wonderful healer and teacher.


Angela Christian

When I first met Emily, I was in a very dark place. It took a lot of hard hits before I allowed myself the time to begin healing. I didn’t know what to expect, but after several 1:1’s, trainings, and having the honor of being initiated by her, I have evolved in such a high vibrational way. I jump out of bed with a smile on my face and look forward to daily meditations and rituals each morning and night, ones I wouldn’t have if it weren’t for Emily. It’s like I’m a completely different person – I’ve gone from a super anxious and stressed out single mom to feeling gratitude, peace, and love majority of the time. She has also been key in helping me to figure out my blocks, knowing the perfect questions to ask and magically guides me to come up with my own solutions. Emily is a shining light in my life and I’m so thankful to work with her.


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Eric Estenzo

When I consulted with Emily about physical and mental stress obstructing my future goals, she recommended Life Activation as a way to clear out the blocks to regain clarity. I was surprised as to how balanced I felt after the session. I was less stressed both physically and mentally and It helped to accomplish personal goals.


Lauren B.

From Max Meditation System™ to 1:1 energy work, working with Emily has been an absolute blessing. She is a true healer who has the ability to meet you exactly where you are on your life path. She works with the highest skill and intention to help you shed the layers of yourself that hold you back, and accompany you on the path towards your most authentic and radiant self!


katie owens

The way I feel about my work with Emily is hard to put into words. I met Emily while on a yoga retreat in 2017. I was on the verge of something and Emily noticed and came to me and asked me what I was looking for. I told her that I was looking for a bridge - a bridge to get me safely from one side to the other. I could go on to explain what this bridge meant to me, but let's just say it means peace and it means coming back to the ground and not getting taken away on an upward, paranoid spiral. Anyhow, I definitely got the bridge I was looking for that day. From then on my work with Emily has continued and what I can say is that while the journey to peace with myself is still continuing, I do feel comforted to have an ally and a guide such as Emily on the ride with me. Above all, Emily creates a safe space and a container of light in which to be held - a place where there is no criticism and no answers given, only pure light and love and a push here and there when needed. I can say that if you are feeling drawn to work with Emily then I would encourage you to simply say yes and to start noticing the shifts.

bridge for change

Megan Parker

I found Emily during an unstable and chaotic time in my journey. I was seeking deeper understanding and healing on a soul level. Enter Emily. She was a calm teacher in my storm, a steady healing hand, and a spiritual advocate. Now, she has become a trusted confidant and coach throughout my journey. If you're thinking about booking a session with Emily, do it. Your body, heart, and mind will thank you. I am endlessly grateful she came into my life and I said "yes!"

Emily is a wonderful and highly trained healer! I had tried a lot of other modalities in the past with only only fleeting or temporary success in actually moving forward. I was seeking spiritual connection to my higher self, purpose in life and more energy to inspire my work. Through Life Activation I was able to move forward on my unique path of progression. If you are ready for the real thing, I highly recommend!

Professor of Economics 

Ian Strachen 

CEO at Miraquerico Network


One can travel the four corners of the world to seek passion and prosperity, but to find lasting peace and true purpose, where does one go? Inward, is the only path that can lead us back to grounded reality in order to reclaim our own authentic power. And it’s a path that we must choose to take every day until our last breath, for the ego tends to trick us that one deep meditation session, or one 10-day spiritual retreat, or even one year spent inside an esoteric monastery, can guarantee our enlightenment. That daily conscious choice to go inward, to catch the fleeting sacredness in our mundane existence, can take many forms yielding various manifestations in our life. Emily’s spiritual guidance helped open me up to a simple yet powerful daily practice, connecting me to a millennia-old spiritual lineage. This connection empowered me to create and appreciate the magick of life everyday since I received the teaching. For that, I am truly grateful.

magick of life

Nimisha Gandhi

Emily is a genuinely gifted woman. She is intuitive, authentic, a visionary, and devoted to continuously evolving as a practitioner. Emily and I have worked together professionally and I was her client. She intuitively knew when I was suffering from successive migraines and helped release some of the pain just in one session. Emily is also great up on stage leading a hundred people through a deep guided meditation. 

Emily Merrell 

I chose to work with Emily when everything felt so stuck in my life. I felt like a blockage was happening and working with her helped initiate a catalyst of change in my life. I highly recommend a session with Emily and opening your heart and mind.

Emily Merrell 

Emily is an incredible healer who helped me get through one of the hardest times of my life. I had some horrible family issues come up that brought me to a really dark place. I tried speaking with a talk therapist, but still was having a difficult time coping and continued to be in an immense amount of pain. After working with Emily in just a few sessions, I had worked through the pain, and resolved some of my deepest childhood issues. Then within a few months, I had felt more healed and happy than I ever had in my life. I landed my dream job and found my dream guy. I'll be eternally grateful for the tools, strength, and healing that resulted from my time with Emily. If you're looking for deep healing, I can't recommend Emily enough! 


beyond therapy

Emily is first and foremost a wonderful human being. She has made her life about serving others on their path to ascension. Her presence and power is felt immediately as she comes into your life as an ally and friend. The mystery school training that she offers is a revelatory and revolutionary process that builds the etherial foundation through which we can begin to truly express our powers of transformation in the world. I am a natural born healer and psychic intuitive, so much so that at times I have gotten a little lost in the ether webs and not had the proper tools and reflections to show me the inner framework by which I can really express myself. Life activation brought whole new levels of awareness not just to my psychic being but also to my authentic day to day expression of my love and service. It seems to me to have been an alchemical enzyme in my process. 


an inner framework

I became more confident in my decisions and more willing and able to process emotions that came up. In February 2014, after months of energy work with Emily and a regiment of supplements and natural treatments, I got the miraculous news that I am free of cervical dysplasia (as well as the HPV virus!) I continue to see improvement in my physical, mental, and emotional health by cultivating the light through the tools that Emily has shared with me. The process has been real, and the struggles have been many, but the rewards and progress have been vast and bountiful. My newly acquired business is booming, my self-awareness is greatly increased, even my problem-solving abilities have improved! I feel, most of all, empowered to handle the challenges that life brings to me, and empowered to live the life that I've always dreamed of.



I am missing that deep dark despair that I usually feel. I look for it because it is so familiar, and it is gone. I feel will and strength and myself again. The deep despair and pain in my being has changed into a fire. I feel like my anger has finally been activated. Now that I feel like I am myself and support myself, I feel a rage that is really present. I know you described this as part of the process. I am grateful that we could rid the negative energy that was holding me back from myself and my ability to feel. My body feels better and my heart and lungs feel freer.


opening up to feeling

I did the Life Activation session with Emily. It really helped me move deeper into my direction of growth and coming into my Bigness. Emily gave me her strong and loving presence throughout the whole session. In the days after I felt nostalgic about that night in the sacred container to focus on my journey and my growth. And one month later I am still integrating the wisdom that came out of that. 



Emily is more than just a coach. She is a mirror, a spiritual guide, a healer and a compassionate soul. There are so many amazing things to say about Emily, her gifts and radiance are simply innumerable. Working with her has been both refreshing and inspiring. She customizes each session to your needs in the present time and space, and with your input, is intuitively guided to inner blockages requiring healing and attention. She is direct and nurturing, and this balance, I feel, creates space for both the masculine desire for direction, purpose, and structure, and the feminine desire for creativity, flow, and presence, to illuminate her work with you! Emily helps you to cut through your own self-deception and heal on every level so that the real authentic you that wants to come forth can and will. I have so much gratitude and love for Emily's guidance and spiritual light. Thank you Emily for being you each and every day.



Emily, thank you so much for the Full Spirit Activation! Such a blissful experience. It's only been days, but the impact has been phenomenal. The subtle energies have been getting stronger daily - to a point that I can feel a continuous outflow of the nurturing energy from my heart chakra throughout the day!



I started working with Emily in December of 2013 to address PTSD symptoms that I had suffered from my whole life. Life Activation and other treatments were effective within a few sessions. In addition, I found that I was able to significantly decrease the dose of a medication that I had been taking for many years to treat chronic migraine headaches. Emily is a gifted, compassionate and perceptive woman and energy healer. I am extremely pleased with her healing practice and the results I have achieved under her care. 



I've maintained a regular meditation practice for years and was recently surprised and delighted to take my meditation experience to a whole new level through Max Meditation System™ with Emily. Through this practice, I reached a depth and 'peak' of meditative experience that I had never quite accessed before. I felt a profound sense of what can only be described as absolute pure joy and peace. My spiritual batteries were recharged and I left the session feeling supported, connected and whole, and I slept better that night than I have in years!



Emily breathes wisdom, warmth and insight into all that she does. Her meditations and energy work have been a true gift in my life. I wasn't always a believer in meditation though! For years I was skeptical about the practice, questioning its benefits and believing it to involve too much omming for my liking. What I found however, is that Max Meditation System™ with Emily is put simply: both accessible and powerful."



Life activation with Emily has been a catalyst for change in my life. When I attended the life activation session, I had no idea what to expect. I just knew that I had been depressed for a long time. I felt like Emily listened to me with an open heart. She was very sincere and tried to genuinely understand where I was coming from and what I hoped to gain from the healing. After the activation itself, I feel really clear and relaxed. Of course, my depression did not dissolve overnight. However, I felt like the activation really helped me to jumpstart changes in my life, and opened my mind to ideas that I shut out before. I highly recommend a life activation with Emily. It was a wonderful experience and Emily is such a caring, effective healer.



There's been a lot of movement. I just feel such concentrated guided energy. It's exactly what you said, that I would have a clearer path to walk down. I feel the encouragement from my guides and my intuition feels strong. I have fear, but my intuition and such is louder than the fear.



Emily truly has a gift for tapping into our energies, bringing things we may not know about ourselves to the surface, and reiterating what we may already know. She is kind, empathetic, and careful in her intuitive healing work and as a stellar human being. Because of going through Life Activation with her, I feel like I have more clarity in my life and feel lighter and more positive.



Connecting with Emily has been a life changing experience. To be honest, I was a little skeptical at first. I have received energy work in the past, and it just seemed to fade away after the session. Her healing techniques are some of the most potent I have ever experienced and I am extremely grateful. Anyone who is serious about healing should definitely work with her.





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