Accessing the power within
isn't so easy. If it were everyone would be doing it. I'll tell you what is easy and common: falling into a zombie autopilot mode, getting swayed, losing balance, betraying your own heart's desires. The worst is forgetting why you're here.

If you're ready to attain higher knowledge, seek to understand mysteries and function on higher levels initiation is the way to achieve these goals. 

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 I'm a big believer of interdependency which means I can support you with the tools, but it's up to you to use them! I always try to be as honest and direct as I can. What I want for you more than anything is to be free and live your fullest expression. I value a balance of seriousness with playfulness. The people I attract understand results don't happen overnight and willing to put in the work. I provide complimentary office hour check-ins for my initiates as ongoing support is always available. 

I'll help you 
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Your initiating guide in the Mystery School lineage is not your guru and definitely not your therapist. You can think of them as a reminder, someone who supports you with coming back to yourself by reflecting the answers vs. giving advice. Once you are initiated you have access to ongoing support and contact as you navigate life. Certified guides have our own structure and style with how we serve. I think it's important to find the person that is a good fit for you! 


Integration is what helps to stabilize your success with this energetic practice. Often times students go back to their regular life feeling changed, but without a helping hand with consistent practice could get sucked back into forgetting. Empower Thyself is a rich experience filled with many tools, this 90 minute session is customized based on what a new initiate needs for review. 


Feeling constantly pulled in every direction doesn't have to be your norm. initiation gives you greater strength to overcome the slippery slope of patterns and habits that create weak boundaries. This process stimulates dormant power and awareness to override triggers and  maintain poise no matter what is thrown at you. 

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Stronger will to do things, to get things done. Even it it's something I don't want to do.


I think the work with Emily has allowed me to create a container. Initiation has brought such energetic and spiritual structure to my life. 


I typically teach this class on a Saturday and Sunday at my live-work space in the Castro District. This is due to flexibility of attendees schedules. We begin at 10:00am with arrival at 9:50am to get settled. Not to fear: I have a surplus of free parking spots in my neighborhood (I know, winning). We may end between 6:30-7:30pm and there is an hour lunch break included. For lunch there are dozens of take out options within a 5 minute walk. Attendees also enjoy going on an urban hike to Buena Vista Park (a 15 minute walk away). These two days are jam packed with information and we cover a lot of material. It's best to clear your schedule the days you are attending to soak in all the goodness. 


08. Having 10x the capacity and power to fulfill steps towards purpose 

07. Ability to move forward to Healer's Academy and Universal Hermetic Kabbalah 

02. Six rituals to ground, center and uplift that take minutes to implement

03. Energetic movement practice that releases stuck emotions and actives will

04. Secret teachings on how to gain power over negative ego and increase joy

05. Greater access to the loving support of the unseen world 

06. Closing ceremony that brings in protection and increased vibrational to force field 

01. Shamanic meditation technique time-tested to access your higher self 


The best way to describe initiation is learning how to drive your own car. We have an energetic body, but have never been properly trained how to work with the subtle body, the unseen and hidden aspects of ourselves. This is a fundamental metaphysics training that will take you to the next level of understanding hermetics and the mysteries of how things operate. 

do less, hold more

In the Modern Mystery School we have many steps on the path of progression. Empower Thyself is the first step and this class is taught in over 60 countries by a certified guide in this ancient lineage. I teach this two day class to a maximum of 4 people in-person while taking all Covid-19 safety precautions here in San Francisco, CA. 


Stepping forward on the initiatory path gives you a sturdy foundation to sit on, a three legged stool. While you may already meditate and pray (also considered a gratitude practice), ritual could be the missing tool you didn't know you needed. What makes initiation unique is the rituals handed down with authority and power to use for yourself. These rituals support you with grounding to feel more whole and complete in yourself while giving access to the unseen.


 Initiation into a public Mystery School is not for a select few, it is for the many during these unprecedented times. This being said, you must move beyond attachments and
self-imposed limitations to take this big step forward in your spiritual development. Initiation is for those who seek to integrate information into understanding and action. The unseen is its own language and initiation increases a sense of gnosis in your daily life. 


"Initiation is not entrance into other planes of existence and is not the study of other worlds. It is an introduction to the hidden laws behind the veil of familiar things."

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the pre-requisite for Empower Thyself? 

In order to begin you must first receive at minimum a Life Activation session, after that you are good to go!

Can I combine Mystery School tools with other spiritual practices? 

You are welcome to add these tools to be an addition to your self-care practice as long as you aren't blending them together as that would dilute the potency. 

Where can I learn more about the Modern Mystery School? 

That's a popular question! I made a page to give you an overview of it's roots, history and anything else that I could think of. You can check it out here.

Does this training and initiation certify me to teach or heal others? 

Nope! Not yet, you'd need a few years in the school and many initiations to have authority to hand things down to others. Focus on self-mastery first! 

What makes this two day worth the investment? 

It's up to you and only you to decide if having formal training is worth it. Education is an investment you put into yourself and comes back tenfold. I understand this is abstract and not as tangible as a typical coaching program or seminar. Want to know what people are saying about their results? Click here. 

Where do I start if I'm interested and a new client? 

Can I receive this initiation over zoom? 

That's a great idea, I wish we could! Here's the catch: in order for something spiritual to have power in the physical, there's a transference that needs to happen in person. We cannot alter a 3,000+ year old lineage to make it more convenient for us in these times of a pandemic. Energetic keys don't transfer virtually. I am taking all precautions and adhering to Covid-19 protocols, please see here

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