Staying cautious in a time of covid? Recently moved or traveling? While there are many sessions and trainings in Mystery School tradition that require you to be in person, I do offer distant sessions. From customized meditations to energetic healing, there's many ways to work together and see results in your life. 

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Energy healing and the potency of it comes down to how it is handed down from teacher to student, known as lineage. In the Modern Mystery School we offer the majority of private sessions in person. However there are a few different sessions that can be don at a distance and their benefits are rich in bringing back vitality to your life, clarity and a sense of wholeness in yourself. 

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You have mindfulness techniques you learned in a workshop,  know what time that Zoom meditation class starts, you've downloaded Headspace, have multiple free meditation tracks and youtube links and still you can't seem to sit down and be with yourself. Does this sound like you yet? 

Or perhaps you're that person that has never meditated and looking for someone to guide them through the process because they know if they don't get 1:1 guidance, it just won't happen or be as deep of an experience. 

Whatever category you fall under, I'm here to guide you and bring you into a new level of relaxation and confidence in your sitting practice.  

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