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These are sensitive times and words can be filtered through your own lens. We both believe in black lives matter. In this conversation we are taking really personal issues and attempting to elevate the dialogue on how we can move forward as a human race.  We ask you as a listener to keep an open mind when listening to this episode.

In EP.08 I dive into a subject that is often overlooked: grief. On a collective level and individually we are moving through a wave of grief right now. How do we allow this wave to move and pass through us? I share my recent insights after losing four family members in eight weeks.     […]

In episode 07 I sit down to chat with Emilie Talermo, creative producer at Instagram and creative director and writer at Dimes Magazine. She shares her powerful and heartfelt journey of being reunited with her stolen dog Jackson after many months in the dark. This isn’t just a story about a woman and her dog, rather a tale […]

Help. I don’t know how to start this episode saying I’m in lockdown is going to get real old real fast, so here we go. If you’re listening between March, 2020 and March, 2021 I’ve been sheltering in place with my PJs, may or may not have been brushing my teeth every day. How’s that? […]

Welcome. This is the first good I’ve released since being in quarantine. We’re heading into the third week now and wosh, I think I said, wow, and gosh at the same time. Wosh I’m going to make that a new word besides needing to make up words to describe how I’m feeling. I would add that […]

Welcome back to another episode. We’re going to be diving deep today and I’m going to avoid ranting too much. My goal here in this episode is to illuminate ways in which you might be burnt out and not even know it. And as I’m recording this, I’m still in quarantine. There’s still a shelter […]

Episode number three. Welcome. Welcome. If you’re not stalking me on social media, then you wouldn’t know, but my hard drive being out of commission right now. Which unfortunately had episode number three recorded, edited, edited, ed edited. Okay. We’re not going to even try. It was, there was some edits and it’s so funny […]

Oh, Hey. There we are at episode number two only number two and I have an exhaustive list of themes and topics I would love to discuss with you. What I’m sensing right now is that we need to talk about the healing journey and why healing sometimes doesn’t feel good, good meaning sense of […]

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