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On December 30th I was scrolling my way through instagram stories when an online friend was posting about an app called Clubhouse and had three invites to spare. At the time I was heavily focused on building out my now eighty page website for Return to Sacred. I was already a bit behind my timeline […]

In early February of this year, a few weeks into puppy parenthood, I had a hunch of what the theme of 2019 would be. I couldn’t have been more right. (If you weren’t on the email list I sent out or deleted it I’ll fill you in, the theme was: prioritization.) To back track a […]

I googled authentic self and one of the first articles that popped up was titled, “Be Yourself in 3 Easy Steps.” While I think it’s positive that people are writing on this concept and subject matter, we can’t over simplify and reduce this process of evolving down to just 3 easy steps. It’s unfair to […]

Thirteen years ago I stepped into my first yoga class. As I shuffled amongst the crowd of yogis, I was unsure where to unroll my sticky rental mat. I scanned the class searching for a spot while simultaneously questioning if I made a big mistake, if I should just go home. It had taken me […]

I spent years continuously closing up my heart as a way to protect myself from feeling tender. There were methods I leaned on to soften the blow when I felt raw, as though I was being scraped out of from my insides. I felt no desire to change until I witnessed my heart close down […]

Stiffness in the body.  An accumulation of thoughts.  Unsure of where I stand within my own being.   This is what it feels like for me as a being in the modern world when I’ve ignored the need for solitude. As someone who naturally feels what others feel, I question if I need to shut […]

Have you noticed that your mind will fill up every single moment with thoughts if you allow it? Meditation can really help you create space that won’t crowded out by the minute-by-minute chatter that we are subject to most of our waking lives. As you build out your practice, you’ll find that your sense of […]

When you think of making a big change in your life, these two words most likely come to the forefront of your mind: LET GO. The words LET GO can shake us to our core and bring up much resistance and fear. Is it because we think we will be left with nothing when we […]