I'm the Founder/CEO of Founder in Flow and not your average business consultant or coach. For the last 10 years I have studied ancient spiritual techniques and applied them directly to my businesses to be 10x more effective. 

I train forward-thinking founders how to access flow on demand and create sustainable growth in their company using unconventional spiritual tools. Even under intense pressure, stress and never ending tasks fighting for your attention, my support and rare spiritual methods will give you a competitive edge in business.

In 2011 I left my teaching job, became an entrepreneur full-time and began my training in The Modern Mystery School. I've worked  with founders and executives in Silicon Valley as a spiritual guide using these progressive techniques for business growth and personal transformation.

highly trained spiritual business guide

HI, I'm Emily

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I've seen many founders seeking the quickest way to the top, building their empires like sandcastles; without timely intervention, when the tide rolls in the business is doomed.

Founder in Flow covers the intersection of spirituality and business. I support ambitious founders like you to break the cycle of hacking your business for risky short-term gains and up-level with self-mastery tools to create long lasting success.

The results? 

You'll develop ninja like focus, self-control, consistent confidence, clarity and endless willpower. You'll prime your company for rapid yet sustainable growth rather than painfully short-circuiting and losing momentum. All of this is possible when you strategically apply secret forces in your business to access flow state on demand. 


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