Remote control heart.

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I spent years continuously closing up my heart as a way to protect myself from feeling tender. There were methods I leaned on to soften the blow when I felt raw, as though I was being scraped out of from my insides.

I felt no desire to change until I witnessed my heart close down and become unavailable in moments when it could have danced.

How convenient it would be, if I had a remote control heart; turning on and off when I wanted it to.

Essentially, that’s what the majority of us want, right? The ability to turn off our hearts when things get too uncomfortable. Eventually, this kind of continuous closure can move beyond discomfort, to an inability to function. When we press the OFF button we choose to hurt ourselves more by decreasing our capacity to receive.

Without love we are powerless.

Love is a force, not an emotion. Love shatters aspects of self. The heart brings us into communication with our truest essence of our being. Love shows us our fundamental truth and connects us to the ocean of oneness.

Yet here is the paradox: love doesn’t have to transfer person to person. People serve as mirrors to what is within. The most empowering gift was releasing the need to find someone to give me love. Why? I could finally show up in the world knowing I was love.

The deeper the truth the

Fewer the words I have to describe it.

Like all wisdom it demands to be felt.

Love is our power, but power still needs practice and sharpening. It could take a lifetime to understand how to use it. Let love be worth learning… keep your heart ON.  

Check-in: Grab a notebook and try answering some of these questions.

In what moments do you try to power down your heart?

What can you do to quiet the fear and keep your heart turned on?

Build a stronger foundation to up-level your life.

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