How having more chill helped me launch my newest product line.

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In early February of this year, a few weeks into puppy parenthood, I had a hunch of what the theme of 2019 would be. I couldn’t have been more right. (If you weren’t on the email list I sent out or deleted it I’ll fill you in, the theme was: prioritization.)

To back track a little I want to first state that I truly consider us all creative people. We may not always take full ownership that we are, but whether it’s conscious or autopilot we are in fact creating 24/7.

The level to which we are connected a flow of inspiration varies. Some of us trickling faucets in the night and others on the extreme end of the spectrum are out of control water hoses on full blast.



When you have no chill, that water hose on full blast is your brain going a million miles per minute.

By learning to control your mind you can harness not only your power, but also the direction your vital life force is going.

I have experienced both lack of inspiration and overwhelm of it in my life, but if I had to be honest I’ve been water hose with zero chill more often than not. I was constantly propelling myself into a state of action. I’d get the itch and I wanted to play out my visions and bring it into physicality. I may have even chosen to engage willingly with an idea over committing to a responsibility.

Patience has never been my strong suit.

Problem is creating like an untamed water hose left me feeling scattered, unfulfilled and frustrated. There never seemed to be enough time in the day to accomplish everything in my vision. (I may or may not have taken a shower on those days and for that I truly apologize for anyone who was affected by that decision).

A saying that went viral back in the day was “You have the same amount of hours in the day as Beyoncé”.”

I could complain that I don’t have an entire team and that would multiply the hours in my day, but there’s some truth that can’t be ignored. I may not have the same gifts to be crowned the next queen of pop, but I got real and asked myself this – how do I allocate my resources of time, focus, and energy to create something meaningful and lasting?

Prioritization and aimless urgency cannot coexist.

So here’s my next point: there’s always an agenda to create, even if we are not aware of the motivating factors behind what is fueling us to move into a state of action.

It was a swirling thought bubble for a while to expand and sell high quality sage and epsom salts infused with this sweet rose essential oil in my holy water that everyone seems to go ga-ga over.

I got the vision in my mind of these sleek bottles and branding. I spent a day researching many companies, I find the perfect bottles, I order them, they arrive – I’m both excited and nervous. The boxes then take over the entry closet of my San Francisco apartment. It won’t take long until I look like a hoarder after I fall hard for a photo on instagram for a puppy up for adoption and slide into the DM’s of a local rescue center.

And so there I was early January 2019 with all my project ideas and instead I was on my hands and knees scrapping dog shit off the floor. You’d think it would be so easy to just print labels and slap them on. But that space in the day I had to create outside my private sessions and daily life responsibilities went bye-bye, at least for a few months.

I may or may not have questioned my choice of becoming a fur mom in the beginning. But in hindsight I now understand if it wasn’t for the pooch I may have never learned how to pace myself with my ideas and be forced to slow down.

Who would have thought being responsible for a living thing and coming to a halt could enhance my creative process?

As my pup became a little more domesticated and stopped eliminating on the wood floors, time began to stream back to me. I had a realization my product line wasn’t the most important task to focus on. I had trust in myself that I would eventually launch it, but there were so many other small cracks in the foundation of my business I started to become aware of when I let go of the pressure to create new things.

As I look back I was still acting like a child wanting to do the fun projects first, ready to wing-it, but systems not one hundred percent in place to even allow this online store to be successful. When I was the fire hose I didn’t consider sustainability of projects, I was led by pure impulsiveness.

There were days I was hard on myself, I wondered if I was procrastinating. Because I wanted to check the box off, I wanted to move faster dammit. If my agenda to create was to check off a box, to feel accomplished for the sake of feeling accomplished, to feel validated due to insecurities, I knew I’d just continue this cycle with another project. Here I had a chance to slow down and change this behavior.

It’s been the energetic tools I practice daily that gives me the ability to strengthen my subtle body to prevent being overwhelmed by my own power and modulate this creative force. Meditation is also one of the #1 tools in my toolbox that anyone can start with.

If you take away anything from this article I hope it’s this: Knowing yourself and having more chill is the fastest way to get anywhere you want to go.

I wake up every morning to use my rituals and meditate and get clear about what I need to prioritize that day and not be led by immaturity of what do I feel like doing.

Containment and discipline doesn’t limit you — it’s the opposite.

Containment and discipline will free you. There all lives a bratty child within us who wants what they want when they want it. By working on boundaries with my own self I have become an emotionally well adjusted creative child with power. I believe in preserving my childlike qualities and releasing the childishness that is the saboteur in order for the passion and excitement I have to no longer get the best of me.

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Here I am now after this wild ride of learning to have more chill with my out of control water hose to say: hey I launched my online store and no it wasn’t created in one night. These products were made with a lot of love, intention and magick — go check it out:

Build a stronger foundation to up-level your life.

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